Industrial & Marine Pumps and Seals

API 610 BB3 multi stage pump package

KOMAK INDUSTRY API 610 BB3 pump package

KOMAK API 610 BB3 PUMP PACKAGE was custom made for customer in the Oil&Gas market for injection of brine water in oil wells.

Pumped medium (sour water / brine)

Pump material: High grade stainless steel

Operation duty: 170m3/hr@800m

Installed motor power 630kW / 2 pole

FIFI PUMP PACKAGE self priming KFT 80-50-250 pump

KOMAK INDUSTY has been awarded a contract for the delivery of 5 FIFI pump sets with KFT 80-50-250 Self priming pumps.

Duty: 72m3@70m on sea water, driven by a diesel engine. The package will be trailer mounted.

The pump is a NiAlBr execution and it is suitable for pumping sea water up to 50 Cº

The driver is a HATZ 4 cylinder Diesel/ air cooled / Electric & Hand started engine

Performance test of all pumps as per ISO 9906 Grade 2B



Diesel driven pump set KOMAK / DAMEN

Delivery for another Diesel driven pump pakcage / custom made for DAMEN SHIPYARDS

Chemical norm pump for high efficiency and heavy duty applications.

Pump KOMAK HC / ISO 2858 pump with Sea water coating
Motor IVECO Diesel

World's biggest cutter dredger in order

New world's biggest cutter dredger - Komak pumps

Jan de Nul has orderred world's largest cutter dredge.

The vessel is under construction in Uljanik - Croatia.

Jan de Nul and Uljanik have chosen KOMAK - IRON PUMP to supply the pumps.

Jan de Nul order for Wear resistant bildge pump

Ni-resit bildge pumps from KOMAK for Jan de Nul new built vessels

Jan de Nul has orderred two new vessel from AVIC yard in Weihai. The two rock dumpers will be equipped with a KOMAK bildge pump in Ni-resist.


OH2 pump testing Truflo

For a Russian customer KOMAK INDUSTRY is building a OH2 pump package (API 610 11th edition)
Pump will be used for Methanol pumping. Performance test was executed at Truflo facilities in South Korea.

Package will be built by KOMAK in Holland.


VS4 Jet fuel pump for Russia with API 682 seal system

For a Russian customer KOMAK INDUSTRY designed and manufactured a SS 316 - VS4 pump for Jetfuel under ATEX.
Pump is based on chemical norm pump according to ISO 2858 with custom made base plate, CEMP exd Motor and a Explotion proof junction box.

Duty: 60m3/hr@50 meter / 18,5kW motor / 2950 rpm

Testing facility under construction

Testing bay

KOMAK INDUSTRY has started the upgrade of its testing facilities.

A computerised & automated testing bay is under construction in our Nieuwerkerk facility. Shortly we will be able to do the testing and certification in house for ABS, Lloyds and other 3rd party inspection offices.


3D printing impeller

Komak engineering is moving on

For one off our customers we have finalized pre-engineering fase with production off a 3D printed impeller.

With an open space between impeller blades of only 3.5mm it was a chalange to get solid printed impeller.

Diameter 250mm. The impeller will be used for test purpose.

Pump will be used for sea water pumping


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