Erosion and corrosion control ARC 855

Arc 855 is a Brush & Roll Grade, Chemically-Resistant Coating with Moderate Ceramic Reinforcement

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​100% solids, ceramic reinforced, thin film coating to protect metal against chemicals and corrosion. ARC 855 industrial coating is designed to:

• Upgrade new and old equipment exposed to corrosion or chemical attack
• Replace traditional coatings, special alloys, engineered plastics, ceramics, etc.
• Apply easily by roller or brush

The main features are :

Corrosion resistant surface

• Extends equipment life
• Reduces spare parts
• Reduces downtime

High gloss, low drag surface

• Improves material flow
• Enhances efficiency

High adhesion strength

• Prevents under-film corrosion

100% solids; no VOCs; no free isocyanates

• Enhances safe use
• No shrinkage on cure
• Resists permeation

Low viscosity, thin film, brush or roller applied coating

• Easy to apply
• Saves repair time