Surface Treatment

Super rust remover 338
Superior, acid-based cleaner for rust removal and conditioning of all types of metal equipment.

Marine Solvent 803 IMS II
Powerful, industrial strength non-solvent based cleaner. Its advanced surfactant technology offers maximum degreasing power and soil removal. An environmentally friendly alternative that is compatible with pressure washers and steam cleaners.

Heavy Duty Rust Guard 740
Premium quality, corrosion preventive coating designed for heavy-duty metal protection for all indoor areas constantly exposed to humidity with minimal surface preparation.

Erosion and corrosion control ARC 855
100% solids, ceramic reinforced, thin-film coating to protect equipment against erosion, corrosion and chemical agents. Designed to upgrade or restore equipment: tanks, pumps, impellers, heat exchangers.

Abrasion Control ARC 858
Restoration ceramic composite compound for the repair and protection of metal surfaces subject to erosion. The compound is trowelable and is used amongst others on pumps, tanks and valves.

Rapid-Cure emergency leak sealant ARC 5
Patch and seal leaks up to 3mm within 15 minutes on wet, damp and uneaven surfaces. Can be used on leaking pipes, cracked valves or holes pump casings.

Ceramic Polymer primers and coatings
NORSOK, DVGW and ISO 20340 Off-shore standards also with fouling-blocking agents.
Amongst other products:
• STP-EP HV is a surface tolerant coating for an outstanding potection of steel structures.
• SF Composite Ceramic coating for off-shore use, for demanding environments.