Fish-farm Vertical turbine installed in Iceland

No resting for us! After a very successful Europort Exhibition our team flew out to Iceland for the installation and commissioning of a fully duplex vertical turbine at a fish farm – 17m long. Arriving on Sunday, work started yesterday morning with close to 0C conditions. I am proud to say “it’s done”!
A fantastic job, swift and flawless. The pump is running with close to unmeasurable vibration. It’s sister pump was installed 2 years ago and has been running 24/7. It now shows 0,6mms, and most of it related to the driver and not the pump.
Pumps are installed including control system, pit level monitoring, vibration sensors all the way up. The lot physically displayed on a PLC lcd display.
The pumps was actually supplied a year ago, right in the middle of Covid and has been waiting for us to show up. Thanks to a careful packing, conditioning and good conditions provided by the client the pump components came out a 100% of their long “winter sleep”.