API OH2 pump testing

Goulds test stand Korea

Komak present at Goulds Test facility in KOREA for testing API 610 pump type OH2
Witness tested pump will be packaged by KOMAK INDUSTRY in Holland.
For this project it is unique that we, as per customers requirement, use Russian Seals and Electric motor


Packing split-cases for Kazachstan

BB1, splitcase pumps

CBI Market Intelligence - Peer group Engineered products

Global sourcing, Engineered products, Castings

KOMAK Group once again invited to the CBI Peer group session on Engineered products. This time round in Amsterdam - BIMHUIS on 3/6/214

The ministry of foreign affairs of The Netherlands has a policy in place aiming towards proactive selection and advisory role helping firms from upcoming countries to prepare their entry into the EU. KOMAK actively participates in this program and sets to good use its vast experience and understanding of production & outsourcing of engineered products in upcoming economies.