Self Priming Pumps

Specially designed and manufactured, by Komak, to operate under the most difficult conditions. The design is intended for users in the maritime, off-shore and general industry, when high pressure, truly self- priming pumps, with high efficiency and reliability are required.

Design features ensure extended life

  • One-piece casing with integral priming and air separation (no external priming chamber or air separator required) 
  • No suction check valve required
  • Rapid priming time
  • Positive retention of pump capacity under siphon conditions
  • Self-purge of vapors
  • Same power frames for multiple sizes
  • Cartridge seals available on KFT 80-50 and KFT 100-80
  • Conical seal chamber for more efficient seal flush

Easy maintenance

  • Large front opening for removal of possible solids
  • Anode accessible for replacement in steel execution
  • Axial adjustment of shaft to compensate for wearing on KFT 80-50 and KFT 100-80
  • Back pull-out assembly for seal replacement
  • Large oil sight glace, magnetic plug in oil chamber