Mechanical seals, static sealing and maintenance products

KOMAK offers a wide range of mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers and other rotating equipment into all sectors of industry.

Our primary objective is to supply sealing solutions that work and improve the reliability of the equipment. Our sealing solutions are implemented in the supply of new equipment either produced by KOMAK or in equipment for which we have the representation. KOMAK does not have any maintenance activity and we support and relie on a network of professionals in the maintenance and refurbishment of rotating equipment to promote these solution with end-users.

In this section you can select our component seals, cartridge seals, cassette seals, split seals, mixer seals, metal bellows seals and specialty seals.

All our seals are specifically designed to simplify installation, improve the reliability, and extend the performance of rotating equipment.


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KOMAK is a official Chesterton distributor for the Benelux with a focus on marine applications, maritime related industries, marine OEM clients and Seawater environment or applications. This includes any floating equipment or shoreline based industry such as oil terminals, loading and off-loading facilities, harbor facilities and so forth.

Chesterton is a leading international provider of customized programs and solutions and combines expert hands-on service and support with a comprehensive line of industrial fluid sealing systems, high performance protective coatings, and specialty industrial maintenance products. Please consult our Consumables page for more information on the later.

For more information please download our core program documentation or contact our office: Download Core Program

More about Chesterton and our partners can be found the downloads page.