Service and maintenance

Most of our products are supplied to professionals and the end-users are just as professional. Over time however, the systems KOMAK is supplying have grown more complex and often larger. If maintenance work is still not a major activity at KOMAK, it is considered essential and of strategic importance. Komak puts a lot of time and resources in its manuals and 3D animations to ensure qualified personnel will be able to effect maintenance independently. Nevertheless, a team of dedicated and highly skilled colleagues are available worldwide and round the clock to assist our clients in need, or just to train them. Of course, a pump can always be sent to KOMAK facilities for overhaul, and we will welcome any brand and any size. Feel free to contact us for possibilities and budget.

Installation and start-up team

The same increasing complexity and the growing request for turn-key supply has prompted KOMAK to set up a team of international specialists for the assembly on site of our pumps and control systems. This dedicated team is in high demand, and we advise to include the service in your RFQ’s right from the start.